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What is a Trenchless Service?

You may be unfamiliar with the term "Trenchless" or "Trenchless Pipe Replacement". Some other names commonly used are "No-Dig", "Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation", "Pipe Breaking", "Pipe Bursting" "Trenchless Technology" "Direct Drilling" and "Trenchless Pipeline Replacement". No matter what trenchless method is being used but it simply means breaking and splitting or slicing an old, worn out pipe while inserting or feeding a new pipe whole at the same time!

The Mr. Drain Cleaning ® Trenchless technology includes a wide range of methods used for installing and rehabilitating the underground utility systems with very minimal surface disruption. Basically it refers to a method of replacing underground pipelines without digging long and deep trenches that disrupt lawns, sidewalks, driveways, roads.The trenchless method replaces the new pipe by pulling it through the old pipe, even if the existing pipe is collapsed, broken bended, behind a special bursting, breaking head (or cone) that expands a clear channel ahead of the new pipe as it travels underground. One small pit is all that is necessary for most jobs in order to insert the new pipe into the ground. A compact powerful pulling machine is located at the destination point, to pull the pipe in from the pit.

Mr Drain Cleaning ® Plumbing offers the following
Trenchless Methods

Pipe Bursting

Drain Lining

Pipe Restoration

Directional Drilling

Pipe Bursting

The Pipe bursting is a modern, trenchless way to fix or replace the exixting faulty pipes. Pipe bursting proudly offered by Mr. Drain Cleaning ® is,widely-used trenchless method for the renewal, repair and replacement of old and faulty sewer, water and gas pipelines. Pipe Bursting is an efficient leading trenchless method of replacing underground sewer, water and gas pipelines it breaks the old pipe from the inside and pushes the pipe fragments outwards while a new pipe is pushed in to replace the existing pipe. The process involves by opening two pits.

One pit is used to insert new pipe and other pit is used to place the hydraulic ramp that pulls the pipe. Mr. Drain Cleaning ® uses Mr. Drain Cleaning ® Pipe Slice technology which consists of a pipe bursting head, a hydraulic ramp, a hydraulic pump, a metal cable. How it works is the metal cable is passed through the old pipe and the pipe bursting head is connected to one side of cable the new Poly Ethylene pipe is connected to the pipe bursting head.

On the other end the cable is connected to the hydraulic ram that is operated with the hydraulic pump. When the pump makes pressure it lifts the ram up and the cable is pulled in words which also pulls the pipe bursting head and the new pipe attached to it in words. The pipe bursting head have sharp blades on it which is good enough to cut or break any material pipe. At the end of the process the old pipe is sliced and the new pipe is inserted in from one end to the other end.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

  • No need to open trenches.
  • Requires only two pits.
  • Breaks the old pipe and inserts new pipe.
  • Pipe used is 100 times more stronger then other pipes.
  • The joints of new pipes are fused at 400° F so roots cannot grow in the pipe.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Recommended by most cities and counties.

Drain Lining

The term pipe lining meansinserting the new pipe inside the old pipe which is done by Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. When the cast iron or clay sewer or drain pipes keep clogging due to root growth or missing pipe floors or the cracked sewer or drain pipes leaking into your high rise building walls or floors and causing flooding then Mr. Drain Cleaning have the solution and we can solve these problems permanently. Our plumbers will give you the permanent solution to solve the problem either by replacing the broken or cracked sewer or drainpipe or by installing the new inner pipe lining system with the latest, Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining

- Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. Our experts are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take care of all your drain or sewer issues. There is never a over time charge and you know the price before we do any work.

Benefits of Drain Lining

  • No need to open trenches.
  • Requires one or two pits.
  • Epoxy chemical is blown.
  • Doubles the life of pipe.
  • Great to repair pipes under heavy traffic roads.
  • Cheaper then any other trenchless process.
  • Quicker then any other trenchless service.

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Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is also called Trenchless "Underground" Directional Boring it is also represented as horizontal directional drilling or HDD, It is a trench free method of installing underground pipes and utilities along a prescribed bore path from the surface, with very minimal effect to the surrounding area. The process begins when the bore machine pushed the bore head connected with the pipe in the ground at an angle. As each joint of drill pipe is pushed in to ground a new pipe is added behind. Some drilling machines use drilling fluid but some use air or air and foam. The machines that use air and foam are mostly used for drilling in rocks.

Benefits of Directional Drilling

  • Less traffic disruption
  • Lower cost
  • Deeper installation possible
  • Longer installation possible
  • No access pit required
  • Shorter completion times
  • Directional capabilities
  • Safer for the environment